The global pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes in every aspect of our lives, and how companies conduct business is no exception. One of the notable transformations is the widespread adoption of downsizing strategies. Downsizing refers to the deliberate process of reducing a company’s workforce to improve productivity and profitability.

In Australia, numerous companies have already undergone downsizing or are currently in the process of doing so as they face the financial repercussions of the pandemic. Moreover, many businesses are considering downsizing as they embrace hybrid work models involving remote work and in-office operations.

In this article, we will explore the concept of downsizing companies opting for serviced offices and delve into how Figari can provide valuable assistance in this regard. We will discuss the meaning of downsizing, its underlying causes, and the diverse solutions companies are implementing to curtail costs.

What is Company Downsizing?

Downsizing is when a company reduces its workforce to make operations more cost-effective. It could involve layoffs, early retirement incentives, furloughs, etc. Downsizing could be voluntary or forced, depending on the company’s financial situation.

Causes of Downsizing

The pandemic has been the primary cause of downsizing in many industries. The economic impact of the pandemic has forced many businesses to reduce their workforce, cut costs, and find more efficient ways of doing business.

The shift to remote work and hybrid work models has also played a significant role in downsizing, as many businesses have found that they only need a little office space.

Other causes of downsizing include mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, automation, and outsourcing. When companies merge, they may need to downsize their workforce to avoid redundancies.

The restructuring may involve consolidating departments, meaning fewer employees are needed. Automation and outsourcing also require fewer employees, leading to downsizing.

Solutions Companies are Taking

Companies are exploring various solutions to address the challenges brought about by downsizing. One popular option is using flexible office spaces, such as serviced offices.

However, one solution that stands out is transferring to a serviced office. Serviced offices allow companies to have fully furnished workspaces with all amenities, including meeting rooms, internet access, and telephony services.

With a serviced office, companies do not have to worry about maintenance, cleaning, and security, allowing staff to focus on their work. These spaces offer a range of amenities and services, including reception services, meeting rooms, high-speed internet, and IT support.

Getting a Serviced Office at Figari

Figari offers serviced offices that are designed to meet the needs of businesses that are downsizing, as well as startups, remote teams, and lean operations. Figari’s serviced offices provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for companies that want to reduce their office space without compromising quality or amenities.

We have a range of serviced office spaces that can accommodate different groups’ sizes and work styles. These include private offices, coworking spaces, and virtual offices. They offer 24/7 access, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and administrative support in a secure and comfortable environment.

Benefits of Figari’s Serviced Offices

Downsizing companies can benefit from Figari’sFigari’s serviced offices in several ways. These offices offer an instant solution for companies that want to keep their operations running while downsizing.

With leases starting as low as a few months, companies can significantly reduce their financial risk. Leasing a serviced office allows companies to focus on their core competencies while Figari handles other details, such as maintenance, utilities, and reception services.

Value of Figari’s Serviced Offices

Figari’s serviced offices provide real value for downsizing companies. For startups, remote teams, or lean operations, leasing a serviced office is an affordable and practical solution.

Companies that rent a serviced office can quickly adapt to changing business environments, such as BCP or more flexible work arrangements since they don’t have to worry about the long-term commitment of a traditional lease.

Our serviced offices provide services designed to help businesses operate smoothly, such as reception services, high-speed internet, IT support, and meeting rooms. These services are available on a pay-per-use basis, meaning companies only pay for what they need, making it a cost-effective solution for downsizing businesses.

Whether you are a startup, remote team, or lean operation, you can benefit from Figari’s Services Offices. We are here to help you. Figari provides world-class serviced office solutions that allow companies to get back on their feet quickly, minimize overheads, and access modern facilities and services.

With its flexible lease terms, high-quality furniture, modern equipment, and dedicated team, Figari is the perfect solution for downsizing companies that need a fully functional, ready-to-use workspace.

Out With the Old and In With The New

Downsizing can be difficult for companies, but it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the quality of the workspace and employee comfort. Companies that want to keep costs low while ensuring the quality of the workspace can benefit from Figari’s serviced offices.

Choosing a suitable office space for a downsizing company can be challenging, especially when the cost is high. Serviced offices offer downsizing companies an excellent solution to cut costs, streamline operations, and adapt to the changing business environment.

We offer flexible lease terms, fully furnished spaces, and various services, allowing companies to focus on their core competencies while keeping operations running smoothly. Figari’s serviced offices are a practical and cost-effective solution for downsizing companies and other processes that require flexible workspace arrangements.

With Figari Serviced Offices, companies can focus on bouncing back and adjusting to the new normal without worrying about the burden of leased office space. Contact Figari today to learn more about their serviced office solutions for business downsizing.

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